For most of us, Covid19 has changed how we look at our world and the goods that sustain us.
For me, how we get things and the structures that make it possible - is a 12-year fascination. 

My long term project, Trading Places is an evolving exploration of the travel of essential bulk commodities through the Great Lakes, and St. Lawrence Seaway to the Atlantic and markets beyond. 

Sanctuary revels in the remarkable old growth forest of the legendary Merv Wilkinson who received the Order of Canada for his longstanding, pioneering work in sustainable lumbering.

Disembodied Landscape transports you back in time to the days before petrochemicals – when the world’s pursuit of whale oil dispatched fishing fleets to the wild inhospitable Southern Ocean.

We were joined by serendipity challenges a struggling blue-collar town on Cape Breton Island to shrug off its early 20th century view of the sea as a commodity to exploit and fear. Leading by example, I kayak the Strait of Canso to encourage new social enterprise and play.

As you journey through these images, consider the enormous investment in labour, and infrastructure, the proud, skilled seafarers who bring you these goods, our watery highways, and the impact urban planning and gentrification of our shorelines have upon the movement of the goods - we all consume - to market.

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