I love lobsters. When I heard that the Nellie Row was owned and operated by women and is believed to be the first all female lobster crew in Nova Scotia  - I knew I had to get aboard. That Captain Gail Atkinson is a Bluenose alumnus and was born into the fishery, naming her beautiful boat for her grandmother, well, that just made the story better. Always interested in women seafarers, I joined Gail her partner Kathryn and their two crew on an early morning a few days before Christmas. Heavy weather had kept them ashore for several days and they were anxious to get back fishing. It was an eye opener to see the strength and timing required to heave those cages aboard. A keen eye for safety, a love for seafaring,  respect for the boat and the sea, a keen sense of humour and team spirit are all essential to arrive home safely at the end of a twenty hour day..        

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